DiSO'S Italian Sandwich Society DiSO'S Italian Sandwich Society

DiSO’S food truck is proudly bringing gourmet Italian sandwiches to NYC streets.


DiSO's is looking for experienced sandwich artists. Email us at contact@disosnyc.com

DiSO'S Italian Sandwich Society

DiSOS Truck 1, location changes daily.. Monday- Friday. Click on our Facebook OR Twitter logo below for location
Manhattan , NY DiSOS 1- (917) 756-4145
Disos Truck 2, loaction chages daily.. Please click on the Facebook or Twitter logo for current location
on a street corner near you?!
Manhattan , NY DiSOS 2 - 347-409-3116

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Disos has 2 truck locations daily.. Monday- Friday

For Truck locations please check out FB/ Twitter @disosnyc

for call in orders: Disos 1- 917-756-4145/ Disos 2- 347-409-3116