DiSO'S Italian Sandwich Society DiSO'S Italian Sandwich Society

DiSO’S food truck is proudly bringing gourmet Italian sandwiches to NYC streets.

Current Location

To find out where we are right now click on our Facebook or Twitter logo on the right of this page and check our recent posts. Or simply call us at (917) 756-4145

DiSO'S Italian Sandwich Society

DiSOS Truck 1, location changes daily.. Monday- Friday. Click on our Facebook OR Twitter logo below for location
Manhattan , NY DiSOS 1- (917) 756-4145
Disos Truck 2, loaction chages daily.. Please click on the Facebook or Twitter logo for current location
on a street corner near you?!
Manhattan , NY DiSOS 2 - 347-409-3116

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Disos has 2 truck locations daily.. Monday- Friday

For Truck locations please check out FB/ Twitter @disosnyc

for call in orders: Disos 1- 917-756-4145/ Disos 2- 347-409-3116